A Continuation of That
Remarkable Story

As the last landed house cluster in Puri 11, it exudes a strong sense of heritage amidst nature. Featuring a tropical rainforest concept, secluded in the middle of a bussy city, it offers a new richness of living and rewarding experience. Here in Heritage Residence, you will find a more tranquil atmosphere, with a lush surroundings to elevate your life quality and lifestyle in an oasis of calm and peace you can cherish with the whole family and pass it onto your beloved future generations.

The Designer's

T H E  N E W E S T  A D D I T I O N  T O  P U R I  1 1

Heritage Residence offers tranquility and
exclusive within your home


Clubhouse Puri 11
Jl. Boulevard Residential
Karang Tengah, Tangerang


(021) - 5532552



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